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Protection of glass fiber cloth to the substrate during construction and anchoring

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Protection of glass fiber cloth to the substrate during construction and anchoring:

When nails are used for anchoring, if the matrix is reinforced concrete, nails should not be nailed to the reinforcement, let alone the prestressed reinforcement. If necessary, pressing iron can be used for protection to effectively control the damage of the matrix and surface cracking.

When using expansion bolts for anchoring, it is advisable to use rotary drilling method for walls with low strength such as hollow masonry to avoid excessive drilling and damage of hollow masonry due to excessive impact of external forces.

(1) Anticorrosion of Glass Fiber Cloth Anchors

Nails are made of steel with high strength, hardness, good toughness and corrosion resistance. The test shows that when the pH value of the matrix is within the range of 7~10, there is no corrosion to the nail and it can be permanently fixed.

The screws of expansion bolts shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment, and can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The anchor bolt shall be made of nylon plastic with anti-aging, temperature change resistance, cold and heat resistance, high pressure bearing and high tensile strength.

(2) Tensile strength of glass fiber cloth anchor

The tensile strength of nails of the same type is not only related to the penetration depth, but also related to the strength of the base course. When the penetration depth of the nail is 20~25mm, the pulling force of a single nail on the concrete and brick wall


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