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Basic types of monofilament glass fiber cloth

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In general, monofilament glass fiber cloth can be classified from the aspects of glass raw material composition, monofilament diameter, fiber appearance, production method and fiber characteristics. The following details the basic types of monofilament glass fiber cloth:

1. According to the composition of glass raw materials, it is usually applied to the classification of continuous glass fiber cloth, which is distinguished by the content of different alkali metal oxides, which refer to sodium oxide and potassium oxide. In the glass raw material, it is introduced by soda ash and other substances. Alkali metal oxide is the main component of ordinary glass, which is used to reduce the melting point of glass.

2. According to the diameter of monofilament: monofilament glass fiber cloth is cylindrical, so its thickness can be expressed by diameter. Generally, the drawn glass fiber cloth is divided into several types according to the diameter range.

3. According to the fiber appearance, the appearance of glass fiber cloth, that is, its shape and length depend on its production mode and its use.

4. According to the fiber characteristics, it mainly includes high-strength glass fiber cloth, high modulus glass fiber cloth and conductive fiber cloth.


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